About Françoise Oostwegel

Welcome! I am Françoise Oostwegel: a designer & creative maker born in the '90s. I combine my great passion for materials, techniques and contemporary art to create artistic objects and useful products. In my creative mind, not a day goes by without sketching some new ideas. I prefer to do this from my studio in Maastricht - Brandweerkazerne. Here, I design, among other things, designer lamps and home accessories, such as cushions, tea light holders, coasters, vases and tableware, as well as on-demand illustrations for personalised cards such as wedding or birth announcements.


I like to create with my hands, but I also use various machines to make the most artistic designs into reality. Finding the right balance between using machines, craftsmanship by hand and using only the best materials results in unique and functional products entirely in my own style.


After graduating from the Maastricht Art Academy in June 2014 with the Lamp ZUID project, I set up my own company in November 2014. In this, I draw inspiration from geometric shapes and different environments around the world. My own unique style is clearly reflected in all of my designs, in addition, I produce all my products myself which allows me to guarantee the best quality. So every item is an original Dutch design, designed and manufactured in the sunny South of the Netherlands. All items can be shipped worldwide, so you can enjoy a piece of Dutch craftsmanship all over the world.


Do you have any questions? Would you like to take a look in my studio? Or would you like to discuss an idea for an interior item or illustration? Then contact me and come and discuss the possibilities over a cup of coffee in my studio in Maastricht, the Netherlands.