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Tableware La Fleur

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Tableware La Fleur is a complete tableware set that can be ordered separately. The line is graphically designed by Dutch designer Françoise Oostwegel. The illustrations that characterise this line are plant species from the Limburg region that are on the red list of vulnerable and endangered plant species. These range from the Meadow Chervil-Torkweed to the Collar Rose. The flora has an important function on our globe, but due to climate change, we see many beautiful plants leaving our soil. The strong decrease of these gems is mainly due to drainage, clearing and further succession. The La Fleur tableware line consists of seven different designs, each featuring a different plant species. Each of the plant species is seriously endangered, but immortalised forever by this tableware.


  • Maastricht Porcelain Lux Bowl: 11.5 cm
  • Maastricht Porcelain Coupe Plate: 20 cm
  • Maastricht Porcelain Coupe Plate: 27 cm
  • Maastricht Porcelain Cup 30 cl