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Dutch Design by Françoise Oostwegel


Looking for a handmade lamp? Then you've come to the right place at Françoise Oostwegel! Françoise Oostwegel's range of lamps consists of various handmade designs that can be used for different purposes and spaces. All lamps are handmade to order, so please be aware of the delivery time. The exact delivery time per item can be found on the product page of the item in question. Because of this working method, you will always receive a handmade and unique design, developed with love especially for you. The range varies from design hanging lamps for above the dining table to design wall lamps and from small design lamps for on a bedside table to large design lamps for the living room. Depending on the space and placement of the lamp, you can find a suitable model and select the desired dimensions. So you can also choose to hang the same design in several rooms within your home in various sizes. For example, choose the smallest size for a small design table lamp or design lamp for the hallway and the largest size as an eye-catching design lamp in the living room as a lamp above the dining table. The lamps are exclusively made from the best materials, such as oak, porcelain and copper. By using geometric shapes, you can use the same lamp as a hanging lamp, wall lamp or table lamp. So the design lamps are incredibly versatile!

Interior accessories

You can also go to Françoise Oostwegel for interior accessories! Handmade accessories are the finishing touch for any interior and are also great gifts. From handmade tea light holders to stylish vases and from porcelain cups to coasters with gold leaf; every household deserves a unique Dutch Design item, handmade in Maastricht!


Besides lamps, illustrations are one of the most popular wall decorations! What could be more beautiful than a handmade water colour painting on your wall? They add colour to your living room, kitchen, hallway, bedroom or children's room. A watercolour poster fits in every room. Go for a plant poster in the living room, a giraffe poste in the kids' room and an eggplant poster in the kitchen. Would you like to receive a custom design for a poster, birth announcement, wedding card or as a gift? Then contact me and we will discuss the possibilities.